Here are brief reminders, each from or related to one of our favorite soaps of the past 60+ years, of why soaps and all that surrounds them, have, do, and will continue to touch so many people. In short, brief reminders of why TTIF seeks to save them.

All My Children:

Susan Lucci Wins the Emmy After 18 Consecutive Losses:

The Bold and the Beautiful:

Brooke’s and Ridge’s first kiss:


A brief clip of the return of Bobby Ewing—in the shower. Is it suddenly really hot in here?

Days of Our Lives:

Will and Sonny walk down the aisle—and the gang’s all here to watch!


Alexis and Dex go over the…well, it’s bad soap fan form to spoil a soap cliffhanger, isn’t it, fans?

General Hospital:

Felicia Realizes BJ’s Heart Saved Maxie:

Guiding Light:

Reva’s Infamous “Slut of Springfield” speech. As usual, Kim Zimmer goes way over the top. But it’s kind of fabulous:


A full episode during the heart of the search for the Corinth Serial Killer:

One Life to Live:

Tina Interrupts Cord and Kate:

The Young and the Restless:

Classic Young and the Restless — Drucilla and Mom Fight

The Following Three Theme Songs Sum Up the Affirmative, Joyous Humanity of Soaps For Me.

I hope they will inspire you as much as they do me:

All My Children in the Mid-to Late 1990s:

General Hospital’s in the Mid-to-Late 1990s:

One Life to Live in the 1980s