Thank you for visiting thistimeitsforever.org (TTIF). I, Akbi Khan, founder of this campaign to help save particular soap operas and the soap opera genre from further erosion and to reverse some that has already occurred, would like to tell you why I started this campaign. TTIF is part of the unofficially-named Save Our Soaps (SOS) movement, one made up of many groups with the same goals, sometimes more general version of this goal, sometimes more specific. I am blog editor at one of these groups, letstalkaboutsoaps.com (LTAS).

When the online versions of All My Children and One Life to Live were canceled I contacted Tessa Kendall McKenzie at letstalkaboutsoaps.com. She appointed me Editor-in-Chief of the blog and Head of Social Media. I still work there and love it. Tessa has been an amazing mentor and guide to me in how to manage an SOS group, and I certainly plan to continue my work there. But despite all the work we do at LTAS and the wonderful effects I see it’s having, I wanted to add a new dimension to the SOS fight and to further ensure that we win.

I hope you’ll see why I wanted to do this as you surf this website. More importantly, I hope you’ll participate in some of the tasks I mention in the Your Turn section here. If you have questions, comments, concerns, or just want to make a connection in the SOS community I encourage you to e-mail me at akbikhan@gmail.com. Providing a space for and generally supporting community cohesion are large parts of how we will resurrect and save as many soaps as possible, and the genre as a whole from further atrophy and reverse as much of that atrophy as possible.