Mission statement

thistimeitsforever.org is saving soap operas and the soap genre from elimination for soap fans by passionately and ceaselessly advocating on their behalf to those who decide the fate of television shows and genres — for we too are soap opera fans.

“Do not go gentle into that good night/Rage, rage against the dying of the light.” —Dylan Thomas

Akbi Khan

One sunny afternoon in the early 1980’s, Akbi Khan carried a tray of food tenuously into her parents bedroom. The only people home were Akbi and her nanny, whose vacuuming could be heard faintly from another room. Sunlight bathed the room, and Akbi turned on the television. No cartoons — shoot! But who were those exquisitely, overly-made up women in tight clothes arguing about someone named Clint? Akbi completed watching that episode of what she would later find out was called One Life to Live, and then went on to watch General Hospital, which followed One Life to Live. The next day she watched All My Children and Loving as well. She watched the first three shows listed for the next 28 years and Loving for its entire run. She laughed, cried, screamed, and cursed along with these shows’ characters and all the wacky, fun, beautiful places their lives took them. These shows were the drama of the human experience, intensified, and Akbi has loved every minute of them since that sunny afternoon in her parents bedroom in the 1980’s.

Akbi has been alternately devastated, incensed, and ready to rumble (although her spiritual path discourages the last two ☺) at the double-cancellation of AMC and OLTL in the past four years, and is prepared to do almost anything to bring them back. And they WILL be back in their original time slots on ABC for a full hour.

Born in Buffalo and raised in Maryland, Akbi lives in Fort Collins Colorado where she is receiving her Master’s in rhetoric and composition in May 2015. After that she will move to New York City. She loves sitcoms too, as well as musicals, reading, going dancing, roller skating, and talking in goofy accents. She is also an activist for animal rights, ethical environmental stewardship, LGBTQIIAA rights, and civil liberties for all. You may contact her with comments and questions at akbikhan@gmail.com.